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To Wear a Jacket, or Not to Wear a Jacket…

A commentary on whether dogs should wear coats when it’s cold outside.

Whether it is part of your daily thought process or not, there is a huge amount of discourse surrounding whether people should put jackets on their dogs or not. A vicious dance between “They need protection!” and “It’s just an animal”. Or better yet a fiendish clash  of “I don’t want people to judge me” vs “This isn’t about you”.   Some have such strong opinions that they glare those down who choose to provide an extra layer of warmth for their dogs.

As a life long dog owner, I have experienced both sides of this coin. I am here to admit that I am an advocate to keeping our pooches warm, especially the short haired ones. Obviously the giant fluff balls that we call “man’s best friend” have a thick jacket of their own. However, most short haired dogs have an average fur length of the average man. Even with hair on our heads (long or short), we still choose to wear hats to keep us warm. So why shouldn’t we do the same for short hair dogs as well? Even though they are built differently from us, they still get the shakes and the shivers if left outside in the cold too long.

I understand that there is a much bigger selection of pet accessories for our female dogs than for the males. However, it’s easy to find a waterproof, robust looking jacket that will keep your masculine four-legged-friend warm and dry throughout the Christmas season.

As I do not see a resolution to this matter in sight, I challenge all of the Naysayers to go stand outside, in t-shirt’s, in the middle of winter to prove that they don’t need jackets. But until that happens, I plan to keep on packing my pup like a burrito before we go outside.

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